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I know we aren't supposed to consume Coconut Oil but is the saturated fat absorbed through the skin? I'm tired of googling the question and not finding anything.
I purchased it when I believed it was healthy. It's great on the skin but I don't want to risk it if it does get absorbed into system.
Hi Kirsten

A retreat participant some years ago sent me a research paper showing that some of the fat does get absorbed when applied to the skin. I was skeptical, but read the paper, and believe it does happen. It is only a small amount of course, but some people prefer to take no risks at all, and will avoid products with saturated fats in high concentration on their skin.

Hope that helps

Be well

Thank you! I will discontinue using it to be safe.

Hmm similar for hemp seed oil too then I suppose :( I was told the sat fat isn't absorbed

That puts a question mark over some other skin products too, particularly natural ones with oils
To put this in perspective, hemp oil is 9% saturated fat, whereas coconut oil is 87% saturated fat which is in very high concentration as George says.
Yet another confirmation for me that OMS is the right path. I have for years been trying to "identify" triggers to my inflamed and swollen hands, prior to diagnosis for MS in 2012. I had managed to isolate coconut and all it's by products as triggers, both eaten and applied externally. Now I know it was the saturated fat. Unfortunately there is coconut oil in many many, creams, lotions, soaps, detergents and shampoos mostly listed as it's chemical name only, so it's very hard to identify. I found I was fuelly the problem by applying creams to my hands, as my hands were bad, and they just got worse, and worse. Lesson learnt, now I don't use anything, except a shampoo I have found that does not exacerbate the problem. Stay clear!
:o what is the chemical name for coconut oil???
I read this on a OMS facebookpage:

"Thank you for contacting us. I managed to get in touch with Professor Jelinek to ask for his help with your question and this is the response I received:

"Fats are absorbed somewhat through the skin, but in small amounts. This was sent to me over a decade ago and I don't have the paper anymore. In any event, they don't then somehow get to the digestive tract. Fats absorbed through the skin get into the blood, just as fats absorbed through the gut do. It is in the blood that they have their physiological effects on the immune system. However, the point I was making is that the quantities absorbed through the skin are so small as to be insignificant. This particular biochemist was so concerned about getting any saturated fats at all that he wanted to even stop applying any to his skin. But in fact, we get way more through simple plant based foods, because there is saturated fat in most foods. The key is to avoid the major sources which are animal products and coconut and palm oil."

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