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I want to make some of the Deliciously Ella recipes and several include coconut oil which binds the ingredients together. But it is 12g per tablespoon! Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can use instead?
If sweet
Dried prunes
Fresh dates
Apple sauce
Maple syrup
Ripe bananas
Chia seeds (1 part Chia seeds to 3 parts liquid) can be a binding ingredient. You can use this in place of eggs. Oats are sticky, too.


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Thank you! I shall try those ideas. I've also since thought that maybe a 'flax egg' would work? I'll try that, too.
Depwbding on the recipe, I sometimes just use a little water to bind.

For example a raw brownie recipe I made today on ohsheglows (great recipes here, I thoroughly recommend it) instead of coconut oil I just used a little extra vanilla extract and some water and it worked fine.

Or if it's dried fruit then it tends to bind after a bit longer in the food processor and a little water.

If it's raw you could use flaxseed oil or evvo instead? With a little vanilla or almond extract to add a better flavour?

I have tried all sorts with water instead and it works fine

Hope this helps x
Lynnejgray, that's fab, many thanks! I have a huge worry that I'll make something and that it won't work and all the ingredients will be wasted. I shall stop panicking now!
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