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I want to try various recipes that call for coconut oil because it is solid at room temperature like buter.
Obviously I won't use either butter or coconut oil but am trying to think of a vegan replacement that gives the same texture and holding priories that both give to none baked dishes like caramel slices.
Apple and prune purre are a consideration but both might be too wet.
Just had an idea I wonder I think I could try flax seeds water mix because that might give the binding needed.
Any other thoughts?
Hi Veg,
What about silken tofu? I had a quick google and found some recipes where it seems to work as a butter substitute, so it may do the trick. Obviously organic or non-GMO brands are better.
Hope this helps,
Thank you for the thought :-) but I don't do soya so tufu is out.
Think you might need some fat for the recipes to work.
Avocado for the unbaked slices maybe with some flaxseed gel. Avocado works for frozen brownies, and makes a mean chocolate mousse.
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Egg white whisked to soft peaks could work for baked things, maybe add a teaspoon of olive oil.

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Thank you
I can see a need to experiment to get this one, but that is fun and can always eat the disasters :)
Hi Veg

I know this thread is old but I was wondering if you have found a solution? I have craving for OMS friendly caramel slices. I was thinking maybe dates would work?
I use dates often the fresh ones.
Didn't really progress this thread any further tend to just change track and so something else.
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