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So, when I eat anything made from grain, the negative results are immediate and long lasting; sneezing and grogginess, lots of snot, extra clumsy, it's not good. And, with all of the incredible health benefits of raw virgin coconut oil, how on earth can it be bad for us? The Wahls Protocol emphasizes (carefully sourced) organ meats, why is the OMS approach so against meat? Also, the phyto-estrogens in soy, not to mention the GMO nature of most soy, makes me shy away from it. Currently I eat a lot of carefully sourced organ meats, wild caught fish/seafood, no chemical/noGMO fruits and veggies, raw goat milk/yogurt/butter and raw virgin coconut oil, as well as a plethora of raw nuts and seeds. I use cacao powder and maca and yucca and stevia, along with cold pressed fish oil supplements.
There is at least one long thread on coconut oil and why not.
If you are eating meat then that is your choice but please don't look here for it's fine as it does not fit into OMS and what we follow.
If you have identifed a food that does not agree with you then it is logical to not comsume it. Grains are included on OMS but obviously not if you find they personally don't fit with you from the symptoms you experience. There are many other foods to be enjoyed.
I don't personally do any soy products.
There are simalarities across Wahl's and OMs there is a thread that covers it.
When I was first diagnosed, January 2014, and I found that I could do something for myself with lifestyle, I spent a lot of time reading and researching the different plans (Best Bet Diet, MS Recovery Diet, Wahls Protocol, OMS). All are similar and I chose to follow OMS because it is research based, has this helpful and supportive site, and fits me the best.

This site has tons of informative and helpful information. There is a search in the upper right that can lead you to already established threads. I find that very helpful. If you haven't read the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis book by George Jelinek, I highly recommend it. I think that many of the members on this site do individual things with their diets/lifestyle. The most important thing is to be healthy!

You are always welcome to ask any questions you may have!
You can eat as much raw dairy and coconut and meat as you like - but this means that you will not be following the OMS protocol which this website is dedicated to sharing and promoting. The stats on saturated fat in coconut is that it in fact has more saturated fat than lard and it is solid at room temperature. From the perspective of Roy Swank's research (which informs a large part of the OMS protocol put forward by George Jelinek), coconut thereforecannot considered an option for people with MS.

Similarly, the casein protein in milk and dairy products (raw or otherwise) is considered to very likely trigger something called molecular mimicry in PwMS and cause inflammation - there is enough evidence here that George Jelinek has considered it to be dangerous for PwMS. Thus the OMS protocol is do not eat dairy. Dairy has the added undesirable characteristic of being high in saturated fat.

These things - very low sat fat, no dairy - are the cornerstone of what the OMS protocol, and therefore this website, are built on. The issue of meat is about saturated fat and also high iron content (especially organ meats) and also Omega 6 fats (it's all in George's book.)

I know it can seem very confusing at times when different websites and books advocated different things. Most people on this website choose OMS because of its dedication to evidence-based research.

I personally don't have soy or gluten because they make my symptoms worse, nor white rice nor sugar, and I stick to OMS, which means my diet is pretty restrictive. At the end of the day, we have to make a personal choice. Evidence and personal experience are combined for me to come up with my own personal strategy.

Hope this is of use. As Catgirl says, the book is a great place to get all the answers, and the search box on this site will really help.
It is very hard to see what the 'incredible health benefits of coconut oil' can possibly be when it contains 86% saturated fat and hardly any nutrients.
See the nutritional profile on

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012

I couldn't get your link to work Wendy - think this one may do it. Coconut oil is astoundingly bad stuff - but the marketing machine has done an excellent job of making it everybody's "must have" food. Stats show that the people living where coconut oil is part of the daily diet and used for cooking etc., don't live too long. Sat fat is a killer, whether you have MS or not.
Yes I was shocked at no coconut oil or milk for around a minute when I started OMS and then quickly moved on.

A lot of alternative health food that is raw or home made calls for coconut as obvious dairy substitute. You quickly learn other subs.

Check out healthy chef by Teresa cutter for loads of OMS compliant recipes where u can easily sub in an egg replacement. She doesn't use coconut much at all.

The smell of coconut oil makes me nearly wretch these days now!!
I was very refreshed to read an interview with Jamie Oliver about healthy eating on the weekend.

He said how Coconut Oil is being marketed as the new great super healthy product but there needs to be awareness that it also contains more saturated fat than nearly everything else on the planet!

He commented increasing our oily fish and vegetable consumption and decreasing meat will lead to a long healthy life. I nearly cheered him! A celebrity chef talking sense for once!
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