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There are confusing suggestions over roasting. What do others use as an oil substitute when roasting veggies or fish to avoid burning and for a bit of extra flavour? Till now, I've been using a bit of coconut butter but now read that this is not advised. If so, does this also apply to using coconut butter or coconut oil as a body lotion and in shampoos?
Thanks, D
I think it's ok to use a little bit of extra virgin olive oil as long as the temperature doesn't go above 170 degrees in the oven (it may take a little longer but roasted veg for example will still taste just as good).
Or with fish I sometimes just add a bit of water and maybe a little wine if there's some available, or soy sauce or some other flavouring. (If it's oily fish I would never cook it above 170 degrees anyway.)

Personally I avoid coconut in body lotion, shampoo etc.. There's plenty of other options available and guess I don't want to chance it being absorbed!

Best wishes
I use avocado oil-cold pressed extra virgin. It can take higher heat to olive oil and has a better taste. Still watch the temperature though.
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