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In an article on the following site it has been pointed out in new research that coconut oil which has medium chain fatty acids
as opposed to long chain fatty acid is not harmful . Could I have further expert opinion on this please>


with thanks
We recommend that to get the most out of this site, members check the various resources, including the Forum posts, FAQs, links, etc, which contain the answers to many of your questions. The search function in the top right hand corner is especially helpful to locate topics of interest. In this case, there are several references on the site that could help, but probably the FAQ is most helpful at http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... rces/FAQs/

Be well

I use soy milk with a little coconut essence as a substitute for coconut milk - I add it at the end so it doesn't curdle. It works well.


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Thanks Wendy... I'll give this a try.

loads of people hail coconut's many benefits, much of it having to do with its high content of lauruc acid, which seems to be a very good thing - not least for people with autoimmune diseases... if one wants to get lauric acid, but wants to stay within the Swank world - is there another way to get this than from coconut, or is the answer to take coconut oil in smal enough amounts to stay below the 15g?

any thoughts?
Hi Bjorn

Here is the FAQ about coconut milk:

There is a lot of controversy about the oils in coconut and their effect on health. While some reputable authorities like Udo Erasmus argue that the short chain fatty acids in coconut may be quite healthy, Swank was very clear in eliminating coconut from the diets of those in his landmark study. We know that most of the fats in coconut are saturated fats. One of the key issues with saturated fats is their melting point. If the melting point of a fat is above body temperature, then that fat will essentially behave in body cell membranes like a solid fat at body temperature, making cell membranes rigid, inflexible and sticky, thereby encouraging degeneration and inflammation. It is worth noting that the melting points of the common fats in coconut are as follows:

Lauric acid (12:0 carbon chain) 44.2C
Myristic acid (14:0 carbon chain) 53.9C
Palmitic acid (16:0 carbon chain) 63.1C.

These fats are solid at body temperature and are likely to significantly worsen MS. We do not recommend them in any quantity.

Really it is too risky to have these fatty acids for those of us with MS. Is there a particular reason you want to take lauric acid?

Be well

here are some of the relevant benefits that people tell me about, which make me curious:

- In the body it is converted into monolaurin, which apparently fights many bacterial, viral and fungal infections
- Improves overall glucose metabolism and insulin controlled glucose disposal
- Leads to reduced blood pressure
- Reduces the number of fat cells, triglycerids in the blood and amount of fats stored (esp. in muscle tissue)
- Reduces liver's production of LDL "bad" cholesterol
- Accelerates or catalyzes burning and oxidation of other oils by the liver
- Rapidly oxidized or burned by the liver -- as fast as pure glucose

a couple of friends of mine keep going on about the wonders of lauric acid from coconut and suggesting I try some extra virgin organic variety in at least a small quantity...

--- and I had to admit I miss the taste of coconut, for example in the best of raw-food...

so, it is for reasons of both healing and pleasure that I raise this one again....

I don't know about some of the points/benefits you mention but just looking at some of the list it occured to me that the Program already provides some of those benefits without the additon of coconut.

I had a well meaning friend who is also interested in health and does have a lot of valid knowledge proceed to defend the use of the coconut when I was choosing from the menu. I didn't argue I just continued to not choose a dish at the restaurant that had it because although she may be correct to a point she DOES NOT have MS and she does not actually understand how bad sat fat is for us.

In saying that, if I went somewhere and on the rare occasion I had no choice in the meal served and it contained coconut milk I would treat it the same as other things, I would enjoy it and continue on with the Program as usual. But if in the same situation it contained dairy I would reject it outright because I consider one meal of it way more dangerous.
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I feel pretty much the same way as you Kashu. I would freak out if I had eaten anything with dairy in it not so much coconut milk although I never consciously chosen it.

Pre-program, my favourite meal was Thai red curry so Wendy could you do a young man a favour and post us a recipe with your soy milk/coconut essence technique?


you can use either soy or rice milk then add coconut essence to taste. Unless the meal includes tofu I tend to use rice milk as you'll be serving it with rice anyway so you don't notice the ifferent flavour. A little ground Almond or some ground toasted rice can be used to "thicken" the mix a little if required. Mt red curry paste recipe is:

20 red chillies
1 teaspoon ground coriander
2 teaspoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon paprika
2 teaspoons finely chopped ginger (or just two spoons if from jar)
3 cloves garlic quartered
1 chopped red onion
2 slick lemon grass
1 kaffir lime leaf
2 table spoons of fresh coriander root/stem (keep the leaves to pout on top of your curry)
2 teaspoons shrip paste.

Heat dry herbs until fragrent then put everything in a blender and mix.

To store put it in an ice tray and freeze. This will give you individual portions to use later.

A basic curry is this mixed with "fake coconut milk" But add some fresh Kaffir lime leaves, Palm suger and fish oil to liven it up. Squeeze some lime juice over it as you serve.
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