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I read this today in the newspaper and I wanted to post it for anyone who, like me, was not convinced that coconut oil wasn't 'really that bad'!!
http://www.theage.com.au/business/consu ... ww6uw.html
Sorry I meant was convinced that coconut oil wasn't really that bad!!
About time there was an article like that. I'm fed up of seeing so much hyped praise of it.
I agree with Veg, about time! I bet all the Paleo people will argue against the evidence though. Shows how powerful marketing can be!
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Since Coconut oil is high in saturated fats, it definitely is bad for health in general for normal people itself. Folks like us who have MS have all the more reason to avoid it. All oils except Extra Virgin Olive Oil are to be avoided at all cost.
Meta first: I'm quite turned off by this kind of discussion. The reason I'm occasionally in this forum, is because I want to make the soundest choices based on the best available evidence. If this forum is however mostly about in-group cohesion, where there are the believers on one side and on the other side the paleo-people that argue against the evidence or are poor blinded victims of the powerful coalition of coconut exporting countries and in between the doubters that need to be rescued it seems less and less likely that this forum stays a good place for carefully evaluating evidence. Then its just a place where the believers reassure and celebrate themselves.

After strictly following the recommendation against saturated fats for 4 years I posted on another thread on coconut oil just a bit more than one year ago because in my lay understanding a study used as evidence against saturated fats actually said that saturated fatty acids shorter or equally long as palmic acids are associated with a better disease outcome.. Here's the post:https://overcomingms.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3923&start=20#p43443.

As nobody corrected my understanding of the study (all I got was an inquiry on what would drive my heresy) and because I wanted to experiment with low-carb and even ketogenic diet I started using coconut oil again. Now after 4 years of following the OMS diet with regards to sat-fats I had a fairly good HDL value of 1.32 mmol/l after one year of eating quite a lot of coconut-oil I had the excellent HDL value of 1.73 mmol/l. Of course this is just a single experience and of much less value compared to a paper that "reviews all current evidence" like the one quoted in the article. Even though hearth diseases are not my primary concern it made me nevertheless curious so I had a closer look.

Looking at the paper (available here: http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/early/2017/06/15/CIR.0000000000000510.full.pdf?download=true) one gets a more nuanced picture that doesn't seem to support the statement that all saturated fats are (equally) evil. Figure 5 is very informative: it shows on one hand that replacing sat fats with poly- or mono-unsaturated fats, or with carbs reduces the bad LDL-cholesterol but especially when replacing them carbs it also reduces the good HDL-cholesterol. Specifically looking at replacement of carbs with the lauric coconut fat shows that this will lead to a slight increase of the bad LDL but a much more significant increase of the good HDL. So to summarize: between unsaturated fats and coconut oil the winner clearly are the unsaturated fat, but when comparing coconut oils and carbs there is no clear winner. For me the choice to use more coconut oil and less carbs had effect on the cholesterol that seem positive: the bad LDL slightly increased by 17% but remains in the optimum range (1.7 to 2 mmol/l) while the HDL value increased by 31% lifting me from the good range to the best range (1.32 to 1.73 mmol/l).
You take great interest in your own health and measure what happens when you make changes. Generally people don't do that and I feel in that situation it is better to recognise that coconut oil is being used as a fad for health. I don't do grains (bar oats) and haven't replaced it with processed gf bread, I don't do bread but I'll do carbs in the form of root veg and legumes. My personal concern with coconut oil is the advertisements around it like a wonder food to add to an already western diet that will make them healthy. I admit I'm often sceptic as many things when digging have dubious organisations paying for and behind what you see. Coconuts only grow in certain parts of the world what Northern Hemisphere whole food is the equivalent?.
How does Wahls get away with coconut products? When i did the Auto Immune Protocol it was one of the recommended foods and i see she eats it as well, but from personal experience it's up there with dairy as a food which will bring on an ms symptom fairly quickly.

Love to hear from others who have tried coconut products (prior to OMS of course)........how did you tolerate them? For me its is definitely not an option.
Great discussion. Thanks for all of that info, Reto. I agree that an open and respectful market for ideas is critical to the best result for all.

I know that Prof Jelinek has modified the program as evidence presents itself; certainly we don't consider Swank's work definitive, but nonetheless it is the foundation.

Understanding progresses.

I think your careful monitoring and research are to be commended.

I also agree with Veg - marketing and fads too often serve no one's best interest. Caveat emptor.

Cave canem, too. Haha!

Be well, everyone! All the best!
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