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I started drinking soya milk with cereal a couple of months' ago as at a loss for what to have for breakfast on this diet. My acne has got much worse and I have been thinking for a while it might be the soya milk. I just looked it up on the web and am stunned by all the information confirming that it can cause acne, either as an allergic reaction or due to the large amount of oestrogen in it. Does anyone else know about this, and I am so disappointed, I will have to stop consuming it and also have successfully converted my daughter to soya milk from cows milk but now concerned about her drinking it after what I have read. I have read about Almond milk but it is very very expensive...
Try rice or oat milk, they are reasonably priced. I like rice milk.

Or make your own - even cheaper and easy! Some recipes here:

Also, put some rolled oats in a bowl, add water and stir. It goes all milky, just add nut and fruit and you have muesli ! I like raisins, hazlenuts, banana and stewed rhubarb.


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Fruit juice is nice with muesli ... I use apple juice (the cloudy variety)



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That's interesting Caroline. My husband (who doesn't have MS but is on the diet with me) found that after six months eating vegan whole food his acne dramatically improved. If he eats dairy - only ever in biscuits or cake - it reappears. We are still working at it, wondering when it might go completely and what exactly are the triggers. He never drinks soy though, so that won't be one for him, but I'd be interested to know how you get on and whether the OMS diet in the end fixes the problem.
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I'm having acne problems too!

But I don't think it's the soy milk, as I have been drinking it for years. The only difference is I swicthed to a low fat soy milk.

I was wondering if it was all the oil I was having. We have EVOO regularly, flaxseed oil daily in my smoothie, salmon a few times a week and a lot of Fish oil tablets a day.

Does anyone think it could be the oils?

I really would have expected my skin to clear up with all this healthy eating.

Ms F
I think it just takes some time to for your body to adjust. I've had a couple of little breakouts since I started OMS two months ago, but it seems to be calming down. I don't like the zits, but all the extra oil in my diet has really made my tattoos look nice and sharp. My barber commented tonight that my hair is noticeably thicker. Maybe I'll make it to 40 with a full head of hair.... :roll:
Mee too! Been on the diet for 18 months, but acne has started relatively recently - feel so adolescent!

Ms F it's weird you mention Low Fat Soy Milk, I've only recently started using it as well, perhaps something in its content is an acne trigger??

I'm going try a few weeks off soy and also fruit juice to see if it helps.

I've also started zinc supplements as I understand this is good for skin healing and health.
Wow!! So it´s not just me (or my breastfeeding hormones). There are a few things I was thinking about.

1: Soy milk can either cause or help with Acne.

2: Flax seed oil also has estrogens like in soy.

3: Vegans or pescatarians can require a b-vitamin supplement, particularly b12. This can sometimes cause acne if you have been a vegan for a long time

4: I know that if my immune system is down I get some stunning breakouts, and I never got these prior to MS. But I noticed that after my first solo-medrol treatment my skin went crazy!!

Hope this helps someone
I had acne for years and it started in my early 20's. It was the worst kind you could get. My derm at the time said diet had nothing to do with it and put me on accutance, big mistake! The drug did nothing to help and as soon as it was stopped, my acne came back with a vengeance, it was even worse than what it was before the accutane. My derm eventually discharged me from his care, citing there was nothing more he could do :( Back then, I didn’t think my diet was that bad... but it was.

A few years before I was diagnosed with MS, I was so fed up with the acne, I started an elimination diet. I found that gluten was the biggest trigger, followed by sugar and dairy. I found soy affected me too, but not as much. Oh and stress was also a trigger. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with MS that I took all of this stuff seriously, and committed to cutting it all out forever.

I still have some spots due to hormones, but it's a lot better than what it was. My skin is mostly clear now.

I use almond milk, as rice milk isn’t gluten free. It's expensive as you say, but it's delicious and works well as a milk substitute in recipes :)
I used to get lots of spots (oily skin). When I was diagnosed with MS I had a course of steroids, and a bad case of acne (steroids and stress!) but after a few months on the OMS diet my skin was noticeably much clearer; particularly I never get spots on my shoulders and upper back any more, which I used to get quite often. I assumed this was about lower fat intake and more veg, and luckily it hasn't changed. I occasionally get a few spots when I'm stressed or when I'm at "that time of the month", but foods don't seem to affect it - certainly gluten isn't a trigger for me, not sure about milk substitutes as I don't really use any (like Sue I enjoy muesli with apple juice).
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