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Hmmm - just wondering - is oily skin / acne common in PwMS? Could it be a sign of underlying issues with lipid metabolism that might contribute to the likelihood of developing MS? Did anyone on the OMS forum have dry skin before starting the OMS programme, or clear skin with few/no spots?
Hi, thanks everyone for your feedback.

I did watch a clip yesterday where someone mentioned flaxseed as also potentially making acne worse! I have been taking this for years though. Re. the soya milk there was one particular article by a doctor listing a huge range of problems caused by it, but you have to be so careful about what you read and take on board, I will try and research the author a bit more (maybe he is being commissioned by the national dairy milk board ha ha!).

I don't like rice milk and I never consume oats as I was told I was allergic to them many years ago. I guess I will have to give almond milk a try.

LIke some of you mention, it could be a combination of flaxseed, soya, fish oil supplements plus oily fish. I am still very much finding my way with the diet as originally you could eat chicken and now George recommends to cut this out as well so it takes some getting used to! Maybe the soya milk just isn't compatible with my body. I will cut it out for a couple of months and see what happens to my skin, its not nice being 48 and having big pustules on your face! (I have had acne since I was 19 but its got much worse again).

Hi Guys, just thought I should update you on my acne situation! Since giving up soya milk my skin is about 70% better, with the occasional nasty spot. However, just to muddy the water I started using my daughter's topical anti biotic acne preparation about 3 months' ago. I have used soya milk on just a couple of occasions and seem to get a break out within a couple of days, but it is very difficult to know for sure if this is what causes it. However, I am using rice milk now all the time in my cereal. Its difficult to draw a definite conclusion as obviously the topical anti biotic is probably a lot to do with the improvement, and it did take a long time after giving up the soya milk plus using this treatment to see an improvement, probably around 12 weeks. Please let me know if any of you have decided the soya milk was the cause of your acne.
HI everyone,

I thought it was time I updated on my acne situation. It was very interesting reading all your posts, I think there needs to be a study on acne in PwMS! I am a year down the line since I thought soya was making it worse. I have been having rice milk, although I didn't like it to begin with I have no problem with it at all now, its amazing what you get used to! Unfortunately I still suffer from acne, I can't fathom out what goes on with it. It can clear up briefly every now and then and I feel marvellous about myself, but then it comes back with a vengeance. I have consistently noticed that if I eat sweets then within 2 days it flares up badly and takes absolutely weeks to calm down again. I hardly ever eat sweets any more, but recently had a fairly modest bag of pick and mix at the cinema and I have been paying for it ever since. It would be great to know if acne is more prevalent in PwMS though. I therefore cannot conclude that soya milk was indeed making my acne worse.

Any updates would be great.

Best wishes, Caroline
Hi Caroline,
Like you (we are similar ages) I have had acne for all my adult life. Mine started when I was about 14. In my twenties I cut all fats out of my diet in the hope this would resolve it - it didn't. Contraceptive pills like Dianette and Yasmin worked (Oestrogen in both of those!) but I am now at an age where doctors will not prescribe them.
Being on the OMS diet for a year made no difference either way, whether or not I had soy.
In December, my GP referred me to a dermatologist, and since then I have been taking Roaccutane. Roaccutane is a vitamin A based drug which shrinks sebaceous glands over a 6 month period. There are a few side effects and a lot of bad publicity surrounding the drug - but I decided it was worth a shot. Initially my acne was worse, it seemed to go into overdrive. Now it has cleared up nicely and in the mornings, for the first time in my life, I wake up with skin which is free from oil. It feels very liberating.
I just thought I'd share my acne story with you - I don't believe it is all about diet. Just the luck of the draw in our hormonal profile - too many male ones for us!.
Very best wishes,
Dear Cinders

Thanks so much for your reply. That is very interesting. I was prescribed roaccutane many many years ago, a low dose, and I didn't like being on it at all, in fact I remember I didn't stay on it for the proposed length of time, but it did clear up my acne very well. After that I had the (then new) Mirena coil and unfortunately my acne came back and has never gone again. It is hard to know if some foods spark it off but there does definitely seem to be a link with sweets and a couple of other foods. You are absolutely right though, its probably very much linked to an imbalance in hormones, too much progesterone. I keep hoping that once I have gone through the menopause the acne (and the headaches) will cease!

Perhaps I should ask to be referred to a dermatologist again, I just am against taking unnecessary drugs as I feel my body has enough to cope with already.

Best wishes, Caroline
Yes, acne should clear up within twelve months of menopause - according to my dermatologist. I'm delaying mine with HRT, so I decided to go for the Roaccutane as I couldn't stand the spots any longer and my skin is already ruined enough. It's really tough living with it - but on the bright side, I've never seen a 60 year old with spots!
Good luck with it,
I used to have acne (as an adult), but then I've got PCOS so that wasn't surprising. (btw. PCOS acne occurs in specific areas, such as the chin below the edges of the mouth, and can be scarily large!) .

It reduced a lot when I cut down massively on diary and sugar - which I did to control the PCOS. Also, taking vit B5 (aka Pantothenic acid) helped too.

It has cleared up even more with OMS diet, which I put down to cutting out diary and red meat totally.

I tried Soya Milk for a while last year, but found it sent me nuts - even just the small amount in my tea each day. I can't remember if it gave my acne, I was too busy being nuts!
Soya is known to have strong hormone effects. Personally, I would never give it to my daughter - if I had one that is! And I suggest that anyone investigates it fully before giving much to their daughters. Sorry to be a bit heavy about it - but it is hormone laden.

Anyway, could be worth cutting down on sugar to see if that reduces acne? - or perhaps that's just me

best wishes
Interesting....I started drinking Soy milk about 15 years ago when I discovered that I was allergic to one of the milk protiens. My skin cleared up within two months of the change. (I figured that it was my milk allergy that was the trigger for the acne I was getting back then).

I have noticed that the recent move to the OMS diet has eliminated my dry skin - I attribute that to the increase in oils. Maybe that is one of the contributing factors to the acne breakouts?

Minocycline is sometimes prescribed to help reduce acne - and is also supposed to help with MS. Could be worth a try?
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