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I went to a friends' place for a BBQ yesterday, and she had made me the most beautiful calamari! I asked how she did it, and she said that she marinaded it overnight in milk to make it tender. When I expressed concern that I couldn't have milk, she said that she rinsed it all off before cooking it, and it would not have absorbed into the calamari.

Does anyone know if this is the case? If not, how else can I make a similarly tender calamari without milk?... She said that it needed to have a particular acid in it, but I can't remember the name of it. Thanks :)
Must be lactic acid.

As a substitute, try mashing a kiwi fruit, leave for a maximum of 15-20 minutes before washing off. It is a powerful tenderiser!

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Thanks Wendy - will it taste like kiwifruit when cooked?
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