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I'm not a fan of soya products- they really bloat me out and make me really windy. Im much prefer rice milk but I can't find one without oil. Has anyone else found one without oil?
Also is there anything else yoghurt-y that's not soya too?

With regards to fish oil, did everyone go straight in with 20 tabs or did you ease into it? Just seems a lot to go straight into and wondered if anyone gradually built up to 20?

Lynne x

I cant comment on milk or yoghurt as i use the soya ones.
Regarding fish oil i have gone gradually probably over past 3-4 weeks. Started with three a day. I am still not taking all 20 - more like 16. But i do have a small piece of fish as snack on my cardboard bread more less every day so that might count towards the 20...
I use fairtrade rice drink and ignore the minimal organic sunflower oil
Where are you Lynne? Alpro do as great range of deserts and different milks (it's almond for me) in the UK.
Yesterday I went in health shop and found almond milk with no oils, not yet tried it. I sometime use alpro hazelnut milk (no oils) for deserts. I use soya for breakfast. Not easy isn't it! I live in uk :)
Thanks for your replies everyone. I'm in the uk, so will look out for other alpro products. V helpful x
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