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I just made golden milk for the first time. An interesting taste but not unpleasant, I think I will probably grow to love it. I had pain in my neck before I had it, a recurring symptom in my weaker left side (2 days in a row of yoga after a long break is the main culprit I think). The pain is now gone. Is that even possible? Could be coincidence... I am converted though! Will be my nightly drink.
Having googled it to read what it was :) it would be best to make it without coconut oil (very high in saturared fat) pain going is great and yep I can go with that.
Yoga is cool too, there is a post on here about good poses being shared.
Made this golden milk paste yesterday but added an equal volume of cinnamon and turmeric. Used it this morning in a smoothie and it wasn't half bad with blueberries and flax oil. Hope it has the same effect cold in a smoothie as warm in milk. Had never heard of golden milk before thanks for the info.
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