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Hi, I have not been consuming dairy as recommended on OMS (been on the program 8 months now) but I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the A2 Milk?

Standard milk contains two forms of the protein beta-casein, known as A1 and A2, and this A2 milk has the A1 protein removed from it.

Does anyone know what the A2 protein is and if it impacts on us MS (ex-) sufferers? Any scientists out there?

For us no milk is the only option as it is not the casein that is the issue.
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Months ago I did some checking up on A2 milk, and apparently the people it is aimed at are those who suffer stomach upsets from the A1 protein.
Thanks for your responses.

Soy milk is still ok, right? I read how there is a certain protein that soy and cows milk share...
I hope I'm not missing any new update to what I should be avoiding - I currently drink a variety of 'milks' (rice, almond, soy) but soy dominant.
Soy is fine Kath.
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