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I have been drinking Soy Life but read in the ingredients that it has Cane Sugar and Vegetable Emulsifiers,
So l think l have been drinking the wrong Soy milk. I can't find BonSoy. Is Vita Soy ok ?
I only drink bonsoy. It's non GMO and while not fermented the beans are soaked.

Are you able to order cartons online from bonsoy? What country are you in?
I buy Vitasoy Original (makes delicious yoghurt) and my dairy loving husband prefers it to milk/cream on his porridge! I also make my own almond milk sometimes, very cheap and easy.

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I live in Australia. thanks for the replies, l will switch to VitaSoy.
Just checking up on Original Vitosoy, in the ingredients it has Sunflower Oil, are we allowed this? I thought that this was not in line with the OMS way!!!! hence I stick to Bonsoy milk!!!!

Feedback would be grateful.
The other reason for sticking to BonSoy is that most soy is GM. BonSoy states on carton that they are non GMO.
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