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from the time i know i'm allergic to cowsmilk i was warned that the protein of soja resembles very much the protein of cows milk. so it would do me no good to change to soja products. in the diet of Jelinek i see no notice of this. would the soja protein not give the same confusion with the myeline.

my husband and i follow the diet for two weeks now and already notice results!!
sorry for my english, i am dutch.
I personally choose rice 'milk'as my replacement, don't like soya and don't like the way it is grown.
That's great you are feeling the benefit of the change. Don't forget to have your vitamin d level tested.
In the OMS-diet soy-milk is advised as an alternative to cow's milk. So I still wonder what the answer to this question would be.
Besides that I bought some organic rice milk, just to discover that there was sunflower oil in the ingredients...
I make either almond milk or oat milk, buy a nut bag it's well worth the $7.00 or so!

Here's a how to for almond milk

Almond milk

Here's a how to for Oat milk

Oat milk

I don't flavor my milk with vanilla or anything else, I use a tablespoon of dried dates with either as I make them for sweetness, I also have a filter on the water system that feeds the refrigerator, so I use filtered water for all stages, if you want to use ordinary water for the soaking you can, but ty using filtered water for the end product, you can dry or freeze the almond pulp or the oat pulp, and turn it into flour or use as is, in baking and pancakes etc.
Be well, live long and prosper!
The answer is in the website FAQ (here's the link: https://overcomingms.org/ms-a-to-z/faqs/diet/)

I am certain the issue with the small amount of oil in non-dairy milk has been addressed several times...perhaps you can search for it!

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Sorry. In the faqs there is no answer to my question. It says all animal milk gives confusion. And soy is a healthy legume. Nothing about the protein of soy being similar to milkprotein.
I am convinced to skip soy.
I dont need any milk.
I dont need any fake meat.
So why should i.
Hi Citapel,

We're dutch too - my girlfriend has RRMS and we've been following the OMS program for about 2 years. Soy products are fine according to the OMS program. But don't feel forced to consume soy if you don't want to :)

If you want to dive into the OMS program you're best of reading the OMS book to get all the details, though the important stuff is on this site as well. When we were actively researching I used google scholar a lot to read the original research. In our judgement the OMS program is well researched and based on sound scientific evidence, so we try to follow the program as good as we can.

a side note: we found that the flaxseed oil - lijnzaadolie - in the dutch groceries (AH, de tuinen, etc) to be stale. At first we weren't aware because it took us a while to figure out that flaxseed oil should not taste awful :lol: If you haven't yet, you might want to take a look at http://www.lijnzaadfabriek.nl. the flaxseeds are grown organically and the oil is pressed on order. We order a couple of bottles at a time and store them in the freezer.

best of luck,

Soy 'milk' is a suggestion as a replacement if someone was looking for a dairy alternative. I chose a rice based drink to go with my muesli instead.
Yes shop bought flaxoil can very often be off/rancid. Freshly cold pressed and delivered is the way to go and you can freeze the glass bottles just take one out and leave overnight in the fridge before you try to open it I have found is best.
thank you for your answers. i indeed have already red the whole book about the reasons why this progrm works. and also discovered the lijnoliefabriek in holland.

still i have no answer to the question of the protein of soy/soja.
Which specific protein in milk is the issue for you?

Who told you soy protein looks the same?
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