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Hello people,

Apologies if this had been discussed already, I could not find a thread.

I have been using almond & rice milk for some time. I've noticed that it has sunflower oil in the recipe, as is canola oil found in fresh bread at supermarkets. I'm guessing it's a small amount of oil but as a backpacker travelling Australia these are products I use often.

What are people's opinion on the use of these? There are no other alternatives for milk to use in my home made cereal and bread is extremely useful and cost effective.

There are lots of milk alternatives. I tend to use either oat milk or soy milk.

You can even make your own oat milk if you have a blender:
https://forgoodtimessake.com/2015/01/25 ... lk-recipe/
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Nutty Bruce almond milk is pretty pure, it has rice syrup i think, not sure how that rates whether it's good or bad or indifferent, also has sea salt and maybe one other ingredient. Worth checking out to see if its ok. Tasted ok to me.

On a side note how's Australia treating you, are we Aussies making you feel welcome?
Bonsoy milk is soy milk with no sunflower oil.
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Craig101 I tried Nutty Bruce almond milk which was quite nice. However when I put it in my coffee it ends up like floaters and doesn't mix in. Have you encountered this?
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I use a Hemp Milk called 'Good Hemp'. It's got Omega 3 in it so I'm happy to use it as a milk alternative. Anyone heard of it? If you're in the UK, you can pick it up in Tescos. It's just a little watery if used for tea or coffee, but it's ok :)
I travelled in Oz early this year, and found that they have some breads which have no oil in them. Shame they do not seem to have them in NZ. I use Pita bread, or Crumpets, or Bagels - though Bagels do have an oil based fatty acid, so not the best choice I guess. Some of the alternative milks have oil in them, but not all. You will just have to study the labels to find the good ones.
Best of luck, Eating well while travelling can be a challenge!
If you referring to calcium intake you can get your daily requirements from green vegetables. Research suggests that 90% of people a allergic to dairy products in one way or another with mild symptoms which are often disregarded through normal living.

Can anyone recommend a brand of oat milk? I was recommended Pureharvest but the ingredients still state oil:

Ingredients are:
Filtered water, organic whole oats (15%), organic high oleic sunflower oil, sea salt.

Any advice would be great. Thanks. I know I can make it myself but I’m after a store bought one at this stage until I’m not so overwhelmed by it all as only newly diagnosed.

Thank you.
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