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I'm seeing this in lots of OMS recipes; what is it? Many thanks!
Soy milk, Almond milk, Rice mulk, Oat milk, any other white nuts ground and washed out with filtered water.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZyeReRF1oI soy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeZCMNB2YO0 almond

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt6IcuBt8BU oat

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQhUhMUS8Yg rice
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I thought this might be the case. Thanks!
I use coconut milk or almond milk in my food. Its so good for us too as very high in B12, Vitimin D etc. Makes for lovely smoothies.

When I say coconut milk and almond milk, i am talking about milk which is on sale in supermarkets. The coconut milk i drink is only 8.3per cent and the rest is spring water, and enriched with B12, D, and calcium, perhaps i should have made it more clear but at 4am in the morning i wrote it off quickly.

I notice a conversation on the boards about Soya which is so bad for us in its true form as it is high in omega 6, but yet its fine if its in milk, so what is the difference? Thank you.

For anyone's information i actually have the book Overcoming MS and can quote from any page if so challenged. I find the book very useful and in the main i follow it but i cant stomach dairy, have a sensitivity to Soya, so the only option left for me is coconut, and almond milk. I eat no other form of sat fat so 8.3 percent in a glass of milk is hardly going to harm me yet soya would. Since i have been drinking my milk my fatigue levels have improved.
Coconut milk, be careful of the saturated fat content as coconuts are to be avoided.
Yes coconut milk is not an option for us.
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veg wrote: Coconut milk, be careful of the saturated fat content as coconuts are to be avoided.

Hi my dietician recommended i drink this as it is very healthy for us as full of B12 and D numbers as i avoid dairy. I only drink the one that has 8.4 percent pure coconut so not going to harm me. I think there is far more goodness in coconut oil then there is bad.

I was told not to drink soya as its bad for inflammatory responses its a lagume, so i keep off it. Most of my diet nearly 90per cent is OMS diet anyway as a natural way of my life being bought up on a Mediterranean diet.
I don't think your dietition is an expert in MS or they wouldn't be recommending coconut. It is way too high in sat. fat.

Sorry but coconut flesh or milk is not your friend.
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Hi MrsAristotle,

In regard to your nutritionist recommending coconut milk as a good source of Vitamin D and B12, you may want to check the validity of that information as most of the nutritional information I sourced on coconut milk lists it as having zero Vitamin D and B12. This is separate from the fact that it contains a very high level of saturated fat. Hope you can find an acceptable alternative. :) :)

If you want coconut milk for the flavour (thai recipes are a good example) try adding coconut essence to another non-dairy milk. You can get the coconut taste without the fat :-)
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