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Hello all,

I have only seen it online, at Mawson Allergy centre, and sometimes at IGA Lyneham, but I almost thought
that Kingland soy cream cheese was OMS-friendly,
Both Kingland soy cream cheese and Toffutti better-than cream cheese are out.
They have health-claims about non-hydrogenated oils.
As these oils are canola in Kingland, or soybean, palm fruit and olive in Toffutti, neither are OMS

From a 250 g packet, Kingland is 29.7 g fat, 12.4 saturated, 4.2 polyunsaturated, and 13.2 monounsaturated.


Translating to 100g from the serving Toffutti is 16.7 g fat, 6.66 g saturated, 6.66 TRANS FAT.

Has anyone seen Follow your heart Vegan cream cheese in Canberra? Is it OMS-friendly?


I read every soy cream-cheese I could find.

They all have non OMS oils, many of them hydrogenated to boot!
Hilariously, many claim to be 'partially hydrogenated'.
A bit poisonous?

Toffutti has most market-share here, and it is very high in transfat.

Cooking is adaptation.
Tofu scramble is great, so I don't miss scrambled egg.
A little soy yoghurt serves for my smoked salmon and caper bagel.
(It is easy to bake an OMS-friendly bagel).

Soy yoghurt can mimic cheese for pizza. I bake pide, rather than use Gawler naan or pizza
dough. I don't have the new cook book yet.

I don't think there is a way to mimic melted cheese.

There are vegan recipe to make your own version of cream cheese, but they aren't really OMS friendly either.
I don't think cashew paste in any appreciable volume works!

Try soaking your cashews overnight and change the water out a couple of times.
Be well, live long and prosper!
Hi, just tried soy yoghurt as a substitute for cheese on a cauliflower pizza. Sprinkled some nutritional yeast on to. Cooked a bit. WOW , the texture and taste is fantastic. Thank you so much for the idea.

In many ways this diet is a challenge and can be hard work . However, over time I have started to find it really exciting. I am finding new ideas on a regular basis. Food has become really interesting and tasty.
Looking forward to the new cook book.
Cheers, I heard of the yoghurt idea elsewhere.
Nutritional yeast seems a good idea.
I'm not vegetarian, so have used anchovy.
That tastes ok to me, but the oils it usually is packed in mostly aren't OMS-friendly.

Michael D.
It isn't soy based, but in the U.S. at least, there is a delicious almond-based chive or plain cream cheese that appears to me to be OMS compliant. The brand is Kite Hill. It is amazing on an Ezekial sprouted wheat English muffin.

http://www.kite-hill.com/our-foods/crea ... le-spread/

Astrid - Midwest US. Diagnosed 2006, OMS June 2016
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