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One of my favourite recipes is a thai red curry https://www.thespruce.com/g00/thai-red-curry-paste-3217309?i10c.referrer=. The big issue is that it calls for thick coconut milk (the ingredients only call for 3 tbsp but the making of the curry uses the rest), last night I decided sod it I'm going to make it - how much fat can coconut have in it anyway? Well, you can imagine my surprise when I looked at a can in the supermarket!

Due to it needing to be thick to work properly I'm not really sure what it can be replaced with, so are there any good alternatives for this sort of use?
For flavour there is coconut essence.
For thickener you could use potato starch or even just some mashed potato, or just gradually reduce your curry with gentle simmering.

I make a Thai Green Curry. This was based on a recipe which called for coconut milk. After experimenting, I now make the 'coconut milk' by making a roux with flour and olive oil, and adding almond milk with a few drops of coconut essence - so essentially making a white sauce.

I find that the sauce is thicker the next day (My recipe makes about four portions, so I freeze a couple and microwave at a later date).


Thanks both, I like the idea of a coconut white sauce. Girlfriend is allergic to nuts just to make things more difficult, rice milk it is!
I have never used rice milk, but I find that the almond milk makes a sauce that is not too thick, but equally it is not too watery.
I've used rice drink to make a white sauce in the past.
soy milk, if you drink it, makes a nice creamy sauce. But don't over cook it as it will separate! Speaking from experience...
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