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Having just been diagnosed, I am getting to grips with the ins and outs of the OMS diet. I am a massive fan of drinking tea, with milk. I have tried with almond and oat milk, and it is ok, but not the same (obviously).

I was wondering whether the amount of milk consumed matters, such that a small amount for a cup of tea a day would be acceptable or whether it's all or nothing. I presume it is a case of no dairy at all, rather than allowing a little bit.


1) is there a decent cup-of-tea milk substitute?

2) Can the diet allow for a small amount of milk so I can have one cup of tea a day?

Hello JP,
as we are to avoid dairy, because some proteins in milk, namely the butyrophilin, cause an immune response in people with MS (and then the whipped up immune system may mistake a very similarly looking protein in the cell membranes of your myelin for butyrophlin [= molecular mimicry] and attack it), it is best to consider all dairy as something you are allergic to.
Therefore, it seems best to avoid even small amounts of milk and dairy.
Personally, I do not freak out, if by chance I use the same teaspoon that previously someone has used in a cup of coffee or tea with milk in it, and I do eat things that have the alert “may contain traces of milk” on their packaging, but I wouldn’t mix even as little as a teaspoon of milk into my food or drinks.
I have no idea what plant milk may work best in tea. Try them all out, I would suggest.
What I, personally, have found helpful is not looking for substitutes which emulate the taste that you were used to and that you loved, because you may never find something which really comes sufficiently close to the beloved taste, but exploring new recipes and new tastes until you find some which you find equally yummy.
Best of luck!
I agree with all that Zoe says.
For milk in my tea I found soy the most similar to normal milk.
However I have since switch to almond milk. As I think it agrees with me better.
It takes a while for your Tate’s buds to get use to the new flavours.

You will miss certain things but will also discover new favourites.
Thanks peeps. I am yet to try soya milk in it, it's next on the list. I predicted you would say to stay well away and that was my intention. Just blind hope that perhaps tea with milk was some miracle exception!


I went without milk.
The trick is to fill cup with hot water and when dip teabag in then only to a golden colour. If it goes brown then it becomes bitter and you need milk.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I tried herbal teas for months but eventually returned to normal tea & craved milk. I am intolerant to soy so I tried rice, oat & almond milks over the time I have been OMS. almond was it for a while but lately its oat milk. I don't miss dairy or rather I don't miss how I felt when I ate dairy, yuck, so plant milk in a cup of tea is good enough.

Almond chai is really nice & I had one out today, give yourself time to get used to something the different taste & texture & remember why you are changing! I have been OMS since 2014 & am feeling better than I could have thought possible
Diagnosed 2006
OMS 18th September 2014 & loving it!
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