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Hi there,

I'm also new here, nice to meet you all. Although I rather didn't join this forum.. (= no MS)

I got a question About hennep (protein).

I Am struggeling with my new Life Style. Diagnosted last juli, 34 old woman. I feel good by the Jelinek idea, it gave me power to beat the monster!! The changes in my life and body are so big, sometimes it's a little bit to much. :cry:

I got 1000 questions... but first things first.

Since I started the diet I lost About 8kg (in 3 months), to much for my body. Sooo I want to gain weight. (I never thought I would say this in my life...)

I love to sport, (3 /4 time a week) because of my schub, eye. (More research to know of I already had more) It is difficult to sport, now. I get frustrated, no condition, no power anymore. And don't see a fu... I Think that my body is taking the wrong elements of nutrocion.

I want to take extra protein, for the time being. To gain weight. Till me and my body are use to the New life Style. After stabilizing, I only want to take it after sport, for a boots.

I'v heard hennep is good for the nerves and inflammation. And the ratio omega 6:3 is 3:1. And you got them in protein powder. (In the netherlands altough)

I cannot Find it on the forum.

Before I Am going to take that kind of nutricion I would like to know if it's healthy for my (MS)Body.

Thnx in advance!!


Hunter for idea

Ps; i'm sorry for complaining About having trouble with, for this example, sport. I know, I Am Lucky I can do a lot comparing to Some people (I gues) on this forum.
Ooopppppsss sorry! The translation is hemp not hennep...
118 topics....

Foutje bedankt...
Hello, and welcome to the forum (even though I do understand what you mean when you say you would sooner not be here).

I do not have any personal experience of taking hemp or other protein supplements but the subject you raise is discussed in this forum thread:


Maybe some of that information would be useful to you?

Good luck!

The Gut Microbiome is KEY to optimal health.
The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
Thnx Jette!

I don't know if people can delete my post? Or can I do it myself? Because of this kind of questions the forum is getting overload..
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