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hi Heather, you can use half evoo, half water to fry on a low heat, or I might use soy sauce with say my stirfries, and no oil needed then. Or dry bake in the oven, just with a bit of water splashed on, I line my tray with baking paper. You get used to the taste. You could add your flaxseed oil to serve. Hope this helps

This is a read on dry frying
Hi Heather
I use quorn to make my curry and my spag bol. I stirfry the veg in water, I then add the seasoning and the tin of tomatoes if required, I then add the quorn. It comes from the freezer so it also adds water while in cooks, I have found this really easy and the food does not stick to the pan. The people on this forum also recommend that you get a really good non stick pan.

Hope this helps

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Frozen Quorn Mince can be stirred into a water-based vegetable/bean dish just 10 minutes before the end of cooking time. It needs no oil but it is bland without herbs and spices. I make a ‘chilli con Quorn’ by dry frying cumin seeds and adding water, cinnamon, red pepper, red onion, fresh grated ginger, carrot and garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, chilli flakes and red kidney beans, then adding the frozen minced mycoprotein.

Processed yes, but arguably more planet friendly than regular wild fish consumption and a compromise for those of us too wobbly on our pins to stand for long in the kitchen.
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