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Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your posts. I was going to start vegan living in New Year but decided there was no time like the present so I've been vegan for about a week now and it's great. I did spend a couple of days preparing food for the freezer as I'm back to work next week - as mentioned above, a bit of preparation is required but it feels like a healthy choice to me. I don't miss fish at all, vegan food can be really tasty!
Wishing everyone a very happy New Year! :D
Hi Emerald, glad you are going vegan, there are so many good reasons to do it.

You may find good recipes in a website called the fat free vegan, i think its a uk site. If you have a problem finding it please advise and I'll send a link
A good friend of mine was raised as a Vegan since he was 8 years old - but it is a good & quite amazing story although not directly MS related.

His father was diagnosed with cancer at the time & the Dr's basically gave him less than a year to live, his wife then pushed them into a naturapath / dietician I'm not exactly sure but the entire family swung into a hardline vegan diet & left all medical options at the door no cheating no nothing whole foods & nothing less.

Anyway long and the short my friend is now 41 (looks about 30) and his father is still alive, well & cancer free.

Obviously things don't always work out that way but it still is an amazing story & convincing of what is possible through dietry change
That story fits in with what I have read in The China Study but also there are other examples.
DrMcDougall.com has lots of vegan recipies that are fat free too and inspirational stories.
Thanks for the http://www.DrMcDougall.com website! It contains tonnes of recipes I can have! Thanks for making my day! :-)
I decided to go vegan when I started OMS diet. I started whole hog overnight and had a few problems with feeling unwell for a couple of weeks. It has only been about 8 weeks since I started but I feel great in a strange way already. I think taking control of your own health and diet is a very big plus. I have trouble with cooking as I have PPMS and don't have the necessary energy but Im getting there. I have made the vegan commitment and am embracing it whole heartedly.
Thank you George!

Dorothy, there was a recommendation recently for a Thermomix, they are expensive but something to consider to make it easier for you to cook.

I've been OMS for a couple of years and feel great, I'm not fully vegan as I eat fish and egg whites, but did go on a retreat 3 months ago that was. My digestive system did take a little adjusting, I think it was lots more beans and lentils, but the retreat was great and I felt great.

Diagnosis Dec 1998 OMS Feb 2010 Retreat Feb 2012

Going wholly vegan is a very personal decision which has benefits from all standpoints and I'm not trying to dampen your enthusiasm either. However, go to any pro vegetarian website and they will mostly recommend that you take a good look at your B12 level. As you are eliminating a substance that is only available from animal products you are at risk of becoming deficient. You can have your serum blood levels checked regularly but, as I am finding, this test is not always reliable as a measure of the B12 you have available for use in your blood or stored in your tissue.

I wish you well,

The OMS Recovery Program recommends:
Optional B group vitamins or B12 supplement if needed
http://www.overcomingmultiplesclerosis. ... -Overview/
Does anyone know the optimum level of B12 we should be at?
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