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TVP stands for Texturized Vegetable Protein. It is made from
defatted soy flour and is very low in fat (3%CFF). It is sold in
flakes, granules, and chunks and can be used as a replacement for
ground beef. Note that TVP is not the same thing as HVP,
hydrolyzed vegetable protein. HVP is a food additive that often
contains significant amounts of MSG, monosodium glutamate. TVP
does not contain MSG. Although TVP itself is extremely low in fat,
sometimes commerical products made from TVP or TVP mixes contain
significant amounts of added fat. As always, read the label.

Calories: 59
Protein: 11g
Carbohydrates: 7g
Fat: 0.2g
CFF: 3

thank you very much all you wise people :)
Orshi, the newbie
I think TVP is what we find in many soy products. I ate a fake soy burger this weekend and sometimes when I have a craving, I get a fake sausage. They're remarkably good and if it solves a dietary problem or relieves a craving I think it's fine.

It is a highly processed food to be sure and we should not fill our diets up with such products. However, I don't think it's the worst thing to eat and allow some in my diet. If you're using it to make some tacos, a burger or a filling for an OMS friendly Shepard's pie, I would do it. It's not strickly disallowed, nor for that matter, is MSG which is almost impossible to avoid if one eats any asian foods in a restaurant.

I'm sure others will weigh in.

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It's soy isolate, I prefer to eat soy products made from whole beans. Look up TVP on wikipedia, I personally wouldn't choose to eat it.

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Wendy, I agree the description of the process sounds terrible, but I think it can be eaten.

Diagnosis: Jan 2010, OMS April 2010.
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