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That is going to be so helpful thanks. I gave my new GP the first page and he was really happy to get it. I know he will enjoy the recent addition too.

Medical Professionals are busy, these are clearly set out and to the point, easily read and very informative.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
George wrote: Some may ask why don't we make the same recommendation for gluten or lectins as we make for cow's milk. The fact is that while the theories about these possible causes of MS are plausible, at the first pass of checking these theories with the epidemiological data, we find that there is no real population data to support the theories. That is, in populations who eat lots of wholegrains, nuts and seeds, the incidence of MS is no higher than in populations that don't; indeed the reverse seems to be true. And without any intervention studies to support the theories, it is difficult to recommend that people avoid these things, especially when avoiding them is an enormously onerous lifestyle change, given how many of our foods we find them in. So while some theories about MS causation and progression will in time no doubt be shown to be true and some will be shown to be false, and we don't pretend to have all the answers now, the weight of evidence to date does not support making major lifestyle changes omitting grains, nuts and seeds, but in our view does support omitting saturated fat as much as possible and additionally not taking the risk of consuming dairy products.
I hope that helps

Be well


Dear prof. Jelinek,

Thank you very much for the explanation, this is what I needed to hear. It is enough of a challenge, at least to me, to avoid sat fat and dairy, but at east I have accepted that and hopefuly will one day adopt the lifestyle. But when I read that article about lectines I was terrified and asked myself - is it finally be only fish and vegetables?

I just can't look at all those foods and think how it will slowly kill me. Especially when every day some BIG NEWS hit the headlines, the latest being the book "Truths and lies about food", which claims that the pyramid should be put upside down, and that people should eat fat first (butter, pig fat and olive oil), then proteins (eggs, cheese, meat, high fat airy) and only 10% of carbs (in vegetables), omitting fruits, bread, pasta, legumes...

Thanks again and stay well
I will also mail this pdf to the MS page I mentioned in the first post.
It is led by neurologists and I find id disturbing there's no word about sat fats, but they are advocating us to avoid grains and legumes.
The only thing in common with OMS is they also suggest avoiding dairy.
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