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Hi gang,

I'm having a little panic about the lack of protein I'm having.

I'm following a food blogger and she has a protein calculator, I did it and I should be having about 66g/day.

I did a rough guess of todays protein and I had about 15g.
That was from silken tofu added to potato & leek soup and borlotti bean bruschetta for lunch and a little from a almond milk/mango smoothie.

Even if I'd had some salmon, that would only have given me a extra 25g.

So what do you all know? Am I panicking unnecessarily? How are you getting your protein?

I have been trying to cut back from too much soy - as I had some hormal changes from having so much.
Read this topic on protein which includes a comment by George and an interesting link suggestion from Veg

PS George recommends The China Study as a reassuring read, just as Wailua also recommends.

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Have you read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell? In there he states you only need 4-5% of your daily calories to be from protein. I would never trust a food blogger for nutrition information. I find the majority of them are just as protein obsessed as the rest of the western population.
I never calculated my protein intake, but it would probably be zero. :) I wonder how it's possible I'm still alive.

Ok, now seriously - if I'm right, we need 1g of protein for every kilogram of body weight. My weight is 55-60 kg, so I'd need 55-60 grams of protein, but I don't think I get that.
My findings were .6 of a gram per kilo bodyweight
Can't check my spreadsheet to confirm at the moment.

In my spreadsheet I have .8
I recall from reading that the WHO bumped the number up to cover a broader spectrum of requirement such as being ill or very active which I think is where my .8 came from.
protein requirements are 0.75 g/kg per day for the average person. Athletes and those that are more active may have higher requirements.
Are you including protein from everything you eat in your total? Because there is protein in everything....it all adds up. The china study will make you feel better about not consuming animal protein. It is still important to have lentils, beans, nuts, tofu, etc. How about a rice based protein powder? I don't count my protein intake either, I don't worry so much about everyday intake but over the course of a few days you want to ensure you are getting enough.

Hope this helps.

Can a vegan diet provide adequate protein for sound human health? Absolutely, and when we add fish it really makes perfect sense! This article from PETA is a must read, and has an excellent reference chart showing how much protein in a wide range of plant based foods.
http://www.peta.org/issues/Animals-Used ... otein.aspx

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Wendy I have just looked at your attached site and it is really informative. I can't believe that watercress is 84% protein! I'm going to print the list off and keep it.

Just had a look at that link too. Great resource. I had my diet analysed by a dietician a few months ago because I was concerned about losing weight. One of the recommendations was to eat more protein as I was falling a little short. I now try and have some protein in every meal; tofu, lentils, beans, nuts or fish. I've really upped my veg intake too after reading Terry Wahls' book. I'm also 'naughty' and will eat one or two of our own free range eggs a week (we have 2 hens), as they should be high in omega 3 on their diet and I'm careful to make sure my other meals those days are saturated fat free. I think I'm doing ok now, but the dietician was working to the guidelines of 45-55 g of protein a day as I'm 55 kilos. That's probably on the upper end of requirements. I'm happy with it all really.
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