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Hi all,
Has anyone used TVP- textured vegetable protein made from soy flour? Or Quorn in their diet?
being processed foods I am not comfortable using them, but was curious to know what OMS recovery programme makes of these meat alternatives? Are they really ok to use?
I don't know much about TVP and quorn but I am like you - I would be uncomfortable about anything manufactured. I think I read years ago that TVP is not good (even if you don't have MS).
Being highly processed regardless of the starting elements I would walk away from it.
I did a search on this one a few months ago. Some people feel that it is ok to use. I am having it because I am not a big fish lover, although I am trying to add more each day. For me it will be something temporary until I am able to have fish every day.

It may be processed but I would think it is better than meat.

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Are you worrying about protein? Try beans and other legumes in place of meat/fish. Tofu can be nice, too.

Read the China Study if you are worrying about protein intake. We don't need anything like as much as we've been led to believe.


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Thanks everyone. I do have plenty of legumes and I like fish, so I will stick with it. Perhaps add more soy/tofu to my diet.
I sometimes have TVP only when I CRAVE meat and that's a quick fix without eating meat. However I try to very rarely have it because it is highly processed and my tummy feels so too :lol:
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