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Can anyone recommend an OMS approved protein shake?
With everything I have read whether with MS or not we don't need protein shakes, eat enough calories from your whole food plant centred diet and you wont go short. If you are exercising hard eat enough calcories for what you are burning and you should get loads, just don't eat empty calories. Eat more pulses for a dense fix.
I take this one: http://www.iherb.com/MRM-Veggie-Elite-P ... 10-g/53243

It's vegan and affordable. Another option is sunwarrior, but it is more expensive and in no way superior by the look of it.

By the way it is true that you can get plenty of protein from food. However in order to grow your muscles it is hard to get all of your protein from food alone, so unless you eat A LOT of beans, lentils, nuts and fish I would supplement in order to gain more muscle. If gaining muscle is not your goal I wouldn't worry about it.
I use this one that was recommended to me by my naturapath.


Used to have it with coconut water and frozen blueberries, but lately add some frozen mixed berries, almonds and normal water instead.
Roman Gladiators ate a simple starch rice based vegan diet, they were slaves meat was for the rich and Hippocrates noticed that the rich were the sickest. Gladiators were plenty packed with muscles.
I make a smoothie with 1 banana, vanilla extract, half cup of soy milk and one third cup of egg whites ( equivalent to 2 egg whites, I buy 600ml pasteurised egg whites at the supermarket for convenience, near the fresh eggs or in Vegetarian fridge product section) sometimes add frozen berries too. It has about 12grams protein per shake, so not overboard , but I feel it does help reduce my muscle soreness after exercise
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