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Can anyone suggest a good protein powder that's OMS compliant, easily available in the US.
I used to have plant fusion protein but I'm giving it up because I cannot stand the artificial sweetener taste in it.
I have had Manitoba harvest hemp protein in a smoothie at a grocery store and liked the taste but when I picked up the container it said it contains about 2000mg of Omega 6 and 500mg omega 3 per serving. That doesn't sound right, does it? Is that too much omega 6 per serving? Keeping in mind that excess omega 6 feeds inflammation.
Hi, what do you think of this one? Unfortunately there is a little fat / saturated fat content and I don't know some of the ingredients, so please double-check labels before use! :) (I have never tried protein powder myself so it is just a product I have heard about).

http://us.myprotein.com/sports-nutritio ... Selected=Y
Trade Joes Boston has 3 stores, they do Soy Protein powder and Hemp Protein powder.

I've also seen Pea Protein powder in Sam's Club locally.
Be well, live long and prosper!
You really think you need extra protein?
Why not read Rich Roll's blog on busting the protein myth.
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