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Simple as that. My goal is to get roughly 2000 calories daily with 40g+ of protein. I've lost 35lbs (almost 16kg) in the last four months and much of that was muscle mass. I am now looking for an oms safe way to eat weight maintaining 2000 calories daily and a muscle preserving/building amount of protein daily.

Beans, lentils, spinach, Fish, peas, there are plenty of protein sources that fit with the diet...don't forget that you also need to exercise to build and maintain muscle mass.
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Definitely. I've already started on a light resistance band workout and am working up the resistances to find a level I am comfortable at and can progress from. But after a week of that it has become abundantly clear to me from my body's reaction to the workout is that, while I have been oms safe for months, I am not learned well enough yet to get all the nutrients my body needs yet.

Thank you for your response.
Nice bowl of porridge to start the day, hummus is a dense snack. Don't get protein fixated get what you need for you size/weight, if you don't exercise you lose muscle simple.
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