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Hi all

Just after watching something very interesting about plant based proteins and tumeric. Plant based proteins have been shown to prolong fertility in women. Tofu was talked about a lot.
Tumeric has been shown to have great benifits for people with depression. It is recommended though that tumeric be taken in capsule form so you get the concentrated powder.
All told it was very interesting!
Hi Valley,

Turmeric has great health benefits. Also worth mentioning is Black Seed Oil.

I usually take a shot of turmeric and black seed oil in water every morning (a teaspoon of each mixed in with the water). You can get the oil and turmeric powder (called 'Haldi' in Urdu/Punjabi) from all Indian grocers.

Tastes gross initially, but you get used to it! I quite like it now :)

Hi Triaseem

I have been taking tumeric capsules for a few months now. It was only after watching about it and it's benifits yesterday that I realised that my mood has indeed improved over the past few months and I had not realised. It is something I intend sticking to.
All the best
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