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Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone had any recipes for baking/deserts that mimick white chocolate! It’s my favourite so I’d like to be able to try and replicate it, I’m thinking perhaps with soy cream and vanilla somehow!



I have this problem too.

Some OMSers suggest things like OMS brownies or power balls to replace chocolate- that basically works.

It is easy to Google recipes to make white chocolate ... but they mostly have cocoa *butter*. Many have dessicated coconut too!

like https://minimalistbaker.com/5-ingredien ... -truffles/

If you substitute EVOO it seems hard to make it set at room temperature.

I'll keep looking too.

cashew nut cream with vanilla might work just make it thicker
Again a food to limit, if I thicken with nuts.

I remembered a junk-food that I used to like.
Sin City pretzels.

They were the twisted sweet-bread kind, not the biscuit kind of pretzel
They had white chocolate and cinnamon icing.

That is all easy to do, but it would help to limit the scale of it all... ;-)

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