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I have Primary Progressive MS but also have Menieres Disease (Inner ear / balance problem) and in addition to the OMS vegan diet I am investigating fasting as a means of improving my health. Anyone with any experience / thoughts ?
ooohhhh! I love the research around fasting. There was a documentary on the health benefits of fasting in Norway last night and I am hooked on the idea!!!!

Let me know how you progress with the research.

It is common place in both Russia and Germany I believe.
Fasting has had some publicity in the UK recently and this prompted me to look at it closer, I have found at least 50 books for reference and I am assessing the most promising. It will need some research and knowledge before starting but I really like the concept that you can purge your body of contaminants and place yourself in a position to start the healing process. I will post reports of my progress but I will be surprised if there is not someone out there who has already looked at this ???
Hi John and fellow Omsarians,

i remember this video on you tube about fasting and ms

There are more on youtube. Just check for fasting and MS ...

Good luck and all the best

Ruth (from Germany)
I have PPMS, and have done much reading on the topic of fasting. There are some promising studies on how fasting affects ms, out there.
I did my first 72 hour water fast last weekend, and a 48 hour water fast this past weekend. I intend on doing another 48 hour water fast this coming weekend.
I didn't have any problems, and in fact I felt pretty good. I attribute that to the OMS diet. I ordered the book, and should get it this week. I can't wait to read it, as I know there are still some things I could be doing better.
I don't see any difference after my two fasts, and don't anticipate seeing any for quite a while. I read that apparently fasting allows your body to eliminate dead immune cells, and once you begin eating again your body generates new stem cells.
It's not for everyone, however; I'm willing to give it a try.
Thanks for sharing that video 'Ruth from Germany' very insightful.
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