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Please let us know if you do. Would be great to have it from the source!
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
OMS Retreat May 2016
I do it in conjunction with the OMS diet to keep my weight down as I have knee injury for which I'm recovering and can't exercise at the moment. I also do it for the supposed other health benefits such as lowering risk of diabetes, high BP, cardiac event/stroke and even the risk of cancer and dementia. I've dropped 5kg and once I got used to fasting I feel great doing it. My 600kcal per day are x2 pitta breads and x2 medium bananas. I had trouble sleeping at first but soon got used to it.
WHO urges a global plan against the impact of climate change on health.
WHO has also announced the creation of a new working group to develop a new approach to the evaluation of health economics and climate change , for example, by calculating healthcare costs that could be avoided if countries invest in concrete actions against climate change.
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