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Hi Everyone

I have been working on OMS plan, blood group eating and also for the past three months on the Fasting plan where you only eat 500 calories for two days of the week.

It has given me far more energy that I used to have and I aparently look fantastic, well so says my mum!

Has anyone else tried it and hows it been for you?

J :D
No, but by changing so much you can't really say which is working I feel.
I don't pig out and some days are often lighter calorie wise anyway.
If it is working for you then great :-)
Can I ask - do you feel it is the fasting diet that has given you extra energy and how do you manage 500 calories - what do you eat?
My aim is to provide the best nutrition so that my body has all it needs to recover. Im not sure how fasting or very low calorie days can support this goal because being on the Program isnt about losing weight although that appears to be a pleasant side effect for many of us.
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I agree with Kashu, this isn't a calorie counting diet (how would our 20-40mls of fish/flaxseed oil fit with that), it's all about optimal nutrition to enable our cells/nervous system to heal and rebuild.

I had heaps more energy and no fatigue when I started the OMS diet and got my vitamin D levels right.

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Hi All

For the record I did not set out on the fasting diet to loss weight. My interest was in allowing the body to heal itself whilst having two days where I only consume the 500 calories.

I also only eat food that is right for my type, ie my blood group is A+ which means I should only eat seeds, nuts, seafood, plant based this then becomes the OMS plan (bonus)!

The OMS plan is fantastic but I also feel that if I can contribute to the plan by eating foods my body accepts via blood group suggestions and allow my body to have two days a week where it can have time to repair itself from fasting time, I hope this all mixs to have the best effect for me and like George I would wish to share the experience and feedback with you all.

Note I have been on the blood group plan for 1 year, OMS plan 6 months and Fasting the last 4 months. How do I feel? Fantastic

The OMS paln is of course proven and a wonderful gift, but if it can be supported and built up on then why not try.

Good Luck

J :D
If you ate a typical western diet before hand then changing to what you describe as your blood type diet should have made you feel better anyway and sounds similar to OMS, so in theory you had 8 months feeling great so has the last 4 actually been different?
As I understand it, the 5:2 diet low calorie days are a low-carb diet (kind of like Atkins - but doing it for just 2 days means you avoid the problems of building up ketones). You might find you lose weight on OMS anyway
Again it is not a weight loss issue more of a building energy platform, and reducing fatigue and more importantly feeling fantastic!

J :D
Glad you feel good long may it continue :-) , but as you can't sustantiate that it is only the last 4 months that you have felt fantastic I wont investigate further doing 2 days with so few calories as my diet is not exactly calorie dense to start with and OMS is an evidence based programme.
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