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...then why doesn't Professor Jelinek suggest it?
I was curious about fasting too. I've been looking up a lot about water fasting. I think that I could only do it for a day though, as I am very slender. I've lost almost 20 pounds since all of this started happening with me (LP & DX). So I would be unable to do any sort of extensive fast. But a day here and there would be worth a try.

On another note since I've started with my supplements my skin has cleared up significantly. I think this may also be due to the I improved diet and going gluten and dairy free. My nails are strong and hard, they are usually short and brittle. I do Vitamin D3 5,000-20,000 IU, vitamin b complex, mynax, vitamin e, fish oil, ginkgo, and co q 10. I also drink lots of red clover tea, as it detoxes the blood. I do flax seed oil daily. Since starting oral steroids I've cut down to just vit d, vit b, and mynax. Even those make me nervous because I'm unsure whether or not they will interfere with the steroids! So, all this is new for me. What makes me feel better is when I focus on what I can do to get to better health. I try so hard to replace my fear with being proactive! Some days are tough but this forum helps a bunch. Relating to others is so important.
Hi all,

I have been researching fasting for a while and have finally decided to give it a go. I do not need or intend to lose any weight or even to assist in my ms recovery (I believe 100% in OMS but if it was beneficial for my ms it would be a massive bonus :) ) I am doing it to give my digestive system a break, only for 24hours. When researching, I was surprised at the many health benefits it can give.
It's 7pm here in uk and I have just finished my evening meal, I am now planning on only having water until 7pm tomorrow evening.
For those of you that fast, what do you do about your supplements (I take D3, B Complex and turmeric) and flax oil, both of which I usually take with food?

Thanks :)
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I've just seen a documentary about the fasting diet and wondered whether it would help my recovery. I have followed OMS for seven years and am totally committed to it. I do not intend to stop. However the 5 2 diet does not contravene the diet, just reduces your calorie intake two out of seven days. How long have you been following it now and how have you found it? Since you have modified your diet on so many fronts, so quickly and when you posted for a relatively short time (oops haven't checked how much time has elapsed since your post), it will be difficult to establish what is working best for you. Will do a bit of research before attempting this.
Just thought I'd bump this one up...

I've started fasting again. I did it before diagnosis (5:2), August 2015. I did enjoy it but then started on OMS and decided to nourish my body for a while.

I'm trying it again to see if it helps with energy levels and symptoms. I've read that it can help with reducing symptoms for people with MS.

Anyone else currently fasting?
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I think it is a great idea as there is a wealth of research to show how fasting can promote healing. I have read similar advice for MS healing and that was to do a three day juice fast once a month. Your approach may be a bit easier!

I've occasionally been doing a 6:1 which has worked well.

Definitely not about weight loss...why would we be concerned about that lol! It's about fasting and allowing the body to heal itself.

Can you share what u eat on those 2 days?
My fast days usually have plenty of food but low calories. I don't have breakfast but have lunch at about midday. Usually I have a huge salad and a small amount of rice or legumes. I may have a small apple in the afternoon. Dinner is a bowl of veggie soup with only a small amount of carby veggies. Mostly greens. I can sometimes have lean fish too. Oh I still have my flax seed oil too.

I'm usually pretty hungry but it's ok to feel like that. I keep reminding me that it's good to feel hunger. Then the other days I don't gorge myself but I really enjoy the food I eat.

Having said that I am exhausted today. Not sure if my body is ready for fasting just yet. Maybe it will take some getting used to again.
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And here is some research Veg, and others interested!


Thanks for posting that link SA. Very interesting!

I wonder if 5:2 is enough then to promote remylination. I don't think I can do 4:3! But then there is a diet where people halve their calories 3 days per week. Mosley talks about it in his fast diet book.
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I'm going to contact the prof in the study to see his thoughts. Three days of juice fasting would be tough so maybe 5:2 reduced cal long term might have similar effect on the immune system?
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