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dear all,

following all I read on diet on this site and elsewhere, I get the intuitive hunch that there may be something to gain not only in eating right, but in allowing the system to cleanse...

therefore I am curious about trying fasting, which is said to have great anti-inflammatory effects... does anybody have advice and experience on how to combine occasional fasting with the Swank diet? would it be best to try a period of one day of fasting each week, or better to take a full week of fasting once a year or something?

I am also intrigued by the possibility to cleanse the guts properly once in a long while by going through a yogic gut flushing... any thoughts?

all the best, warmth and light,

Hi there, interesting topic

As with many things medical/health related there is a lot of contridicting information.
I read a well written article once:
http://www.guardian.co.uk/travel/2002/m ... n.shopping

Which actually prompted me to visit this facility in Thailand and partake in the colonic cleansing. I can't really quantify the results - I felt fine before and fine after. I guess I felt like I was doing something healthy, and I suspect that in itself if part of the battle.

I havn't done any colonics since, however am pretty voracious in reading about health matters and have recently bought some probiotic suppliments - also for my pregnant wife. I often read about the benefits of having a "healthy gut and suspect there probably is something to it.
I discourage fasting by those MS. I have reviewed thousands of studies on MS and have never seen even one iota of evidence that fasting helps MS in any way. In contrast, there are many, many studies supporting the view that the diets recommended by Jelinek and Swank work. Jelinek is a bit more up-to-date than Swank who, of course, worked many years ago.

Besides, the healthy diets recommended by these two smart guys make you look like a million bucks. The skin glows, the eyes sparkle, one automatically settles in at the right weight, etc. The MS diets are the best way to feel good and look good! Viva la good eating!
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