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This study was performed with mice and also looks at regeneration of myelin. I think we have a little ways to go with these studies (especially with humans with various forms of MS) to get all of the best methods dialed in, but it's certainly good news that this is being closely looked at by top scientists.

One challenge is that many of the initial studies (as the studies are rolled out to be tried on humans) is that they are often underfunded and the sample size is often too small to fully power the studies.
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This is very interesting. I wonder if there is anything on fasting on George's new book!
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Many thanks for posting the link to this interesting article. This method of fasting is actually under patent! A journalist who tried it reports her experience here:
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/we ... et....html
And here is chap who adopted a DIY approach to the Fast Mimicing Diet:
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The OMS site & forum are brilliant! Thanks, everyone! :D
I'm not sure how the fat intake relates to OMS. I'll be following this research closely. Annoying how they are making it into a "product".
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The researchers in the study reported in Cell Press give the details of the fasting protocol for the patient arm of their study in the materials and methods:

Day 1: pre-fasting 800 kcal made up of one food source from either: fruit, rice or potato. Followed by a laxative on waking on day; they suggest Natrium
Sulfuricum (20-40 g).
Day 2-8: 100ml of vegetable broth or juice with 1 tbsp flax oil 3 times per day plus unlimited calorie free unsweetened liquids (herbal tea, water)

"After the 7-day fasting period solid foods were stepwise reintroduced for three days, starting with a steamed apple at day 8."
"After the fasting and refeeding period a normocaloric, plant-based Mediterranean diet was maintained until study end."
"From day 9 onward patients followed a plant based Mediterranean diet for 6 months."

They also suggest the use of an enema if tolerated (they don't say whether or not this was done by them or at home by patients). I find the inclusion of 3tbsp of flax oil a day interesting as well as following a plant based Mediterranean diet for 6 months after finishing the protocol interesting.

I might give it a go though not sure I could do it whilst working.
I was thinking it ties in well with the Japanese study on which bacteria are predominant in MS patients. I looked one of the bacterias up, which there were few of in the Japanese. persons with MS, bacteroidetes and it has also been linked with obesity. Obese people also have few of these, but many of another kind, which competes with bacteroidetes. The other bacteria, which there is too many of feed on sugar and simple carbohydrates among others,.

My guess would be that you reboot your intestines bacteria and restart with a healthy balance of bacteria.

This is a link on the article on stress, lack of bacteroidetes and how this affects the bodies uptake of fat:
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alan-chri ... 44320.html

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