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I have done it 3 times - each time using the recommendation in https://www.quantifiedbob.com/2016/04/f ... king-diet/ to use half an avocado twice a day (I do that with supplements) - I also added some olives. I also have black coffee (which Longo doesn't recommend) and green tea and water. I bought some electrolyte powder too, in case I sweat a lot.

Prolon is very expensive. I think the main reason for it is the comfort of the dieter, since water fasting does the same things but is harder to do, and more dangerous for some.

I have read Longo's new book The Longevity Diet. In the new podcast with Rich Roll, Longo says that for multiple sclerosis the fasting should last longer than in previous studies - about seven days rather than five, to give more time for the cell turnover.

When not doing the fasting, I am incorporating time-restricted feeding with a 6-8 hour window (mainly skip breakfast, eat small early dinner). I follow the OMS diet, but am also gluten-free and mostly grain free and keep in mind Wahls' recommendations for 9 cups of colorful vegetables too. I really like her approach but not persuaded liver is so essential and also the more restrictive versions of her diet with the pure coconut fatty milk raise questions for me. Her book is great. I just bought a Compex system for neuro-muscular stimulation, which she discusses in her early case reports and her books.

I have had PPMS for at least 10 years.

I just started a fast today!
Hi all, just wanted to bring this post back in to discussion again. nyc how have you been going with FMD? I'm in the process of weaning off Gilenya. My MS has been stable with OMS and Gilenya for the past 3 years but I want something as a "back up" if I'm not taking a drug therapy. The Neurologist I saw this week warned me about "subclinical inflammation" and potential for brain atrophy with not being on a drug therapy so along with OMS I think fasting could really be of great benefit.

Just wondering how your experience with it has been. Prolon is not available in Australia as yet, but will be early next year. I could try the Quantified Bob recipe though in the meantime.
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lukeatreides I have tried this; 24, 48 up to 60 hour fasts. I'm having a lot more energy - not able to much with it yet tho.
^(NZ) Dr. Caryn Zinn - '...On Fat and Fasting'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BYvHgs ... y&index=14
I'm just about to begin my 5th five day fast in six months. I fasted at the beginning of June, July, August and October and will continue to aim to do so at least every other month.
The food plan is of my own devising, based on strategic googling and reading and reading about Prolon and Prof Vongo's research: it consists of some nuts in the morning, a small amount of home made vegetable soup twice a day along with some rice crackers and around six olives per day. I generally start on a Saturday evening and finish on Thursday evening or Friday lunchtime. I'm very careful to eat lots of super nutritious food to break the fast - avocado never tastes so good as on Friday lunchtime!
Fasting mimicking has changed my attitude to food and my body's response to it. While I lost eight kilos on OMS at the start, I consistently lose 2 kg each time I fast and then recover it in the week following. Any residual belly fat has disappeared.
Weight control is just a happy by product of fasting, though. I've noticed significant improvement in the quality of my vision - the main subject of ms attacks for the last 4 years - since fasting. The fast itself can be endured with a little determination: the second/third day can be tough and sometimes my symptoms worsen a little on those days. By the fourth day, though, things improve considerably with a feeling of euphoria not uncommon and with that wellbeing lasting for some weeks.
Drinking water and being occupied help stave off the gnawing animals and five days go quickly!
Dr. Caryn Zinn - '...On Fat and Fasting'
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BYvHgs ... y&index=13
Has anyone tried the 5 Box FMD 5-day Fasting Mimicking Diet - 5BoxFMD.com.au ?

I'm on my second fast and it really has made the fasting process much easier.

It gets good reviews, is Australian and is much cheaper than the US Prolon version
I've just completed my 5th fast and like lamewalls I've built my own protocol using Cronometer and a spreadsheet. My first day usually starts on a Monday morning, having some berries and a few nuts. I then have low protein, low carb vegetables either as a salad or a soup. I do have a few olives, some flaxseed oil and avocadoes to increase the fat intake. I track the saturated fat content and it's always pretty low so I'm not worried about the extra fat. I also have a little Celtic sea salt which is recommended by Valter Longo as you start using visceral fat for energy.

I found the first fast difficult but they are actually getting easier each time and I actually look forward to fasting! I find I do get hungry after the fast and make up for it quickly. It definitely makes you appreciate food! I get a little tired towards the end of the fast and cut back on exercise.

I've looked into buying Prolon and the 5 box FMD but my food bill for a fast is about $25. I can't justify the cost of these other products. The other benefit is that my food is all fresh, plant based, gluten free and delicous. :)

Happy to share more about it if anyone is interested.
Diagnosed August 2015
OMS November 2015
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