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I'm currently at the end of week 3 of 16:8 fasting and I'm trying to keep to vegan. I'm finding it OK so far and could probably extend it to 18:6 fasting. I'm going to keep it going for at least 6 months and then see if there have been any positive benefits.

I'm a 73 year old male with SPMS, balance very poor and walking ability down to shuffling a few steps with a walker - I'm 95% in a wheelchair. Also got vertical double vision, urgent bladder, but no accidents so far, and that's about it. Upper half of body hardly affected - can still play piano. Would be interested to know how anyone else is faring with any type of fasting?
I’m from a family of fasters: my brother fasts to alleviate allergic responses, my mum to combat a serious illness. I have tried fmd, intermittent fasting and, most recently, complete water fasting to tackle ms. I firmly believe that it is a valuable tool in the battle against thus and other diseases and have been most pleased with the results of water fasting. It requires some preparation but is completely doable: my 72 yr old mum had just completed a 72 hour water fast with relative ease.
FMD is pleasant because it allows some food but is testing because of its duration. (5 days). My suggestion would be to try a 24 hour water fast and build from there.
Post results, please!
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