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Hello everyone!
Please share your experience. How long did it take for you to lose weight while fasting? Was it the most effective diet for you? I need to lose a couple of stones during the next 6 weeks, because I'm going to a fancy birthday party and I really want to buy a mermaid dress. But with my current weight it won't look nice. So I started a diet, but think about fasting. Never tried it before, that's why I doubt. if it's effective. Any thoughts to share?
It's a great motivation, good luck! Can you share you dream dress with us?

I tried fasting, but I didn't succeeded to cope with hanger. Maybe I didn't try enough, and gave up too early, but I didn't like the overall feeling it gave me.
Thank you so much! Sure. Here it is. I found it at where I already ordered a loose fit dress once. Now I want to look sexy. I like this dress so much. Maybe it's an idée fixe, but as motivation, it works great.
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