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I have been following the diet and supplment program since July 2013
this past month I have developed very bad acne that I can not get rid of
I have always gotten acne - but not every day and it would go away - but now it is every day and I can not make it reduce - I was wondering if maybe the fish oil were causing this - has anyone else had a acne issue since starting?
My skin had never been better... I had major acne scars and break outs but since eating so many raw veggies, green smoothies and the fish/flax oil-/- I've cleared up and am healing.

Maybe you are having an allergic reaction to it or to something else in your diet? Mine was gluten and dairy that caused lifelong acne issues. Since clearing those out of my diet four years ago, my skin has been clearing up by the OMS program has really fast forwarded the process... Have you kept a good journal or tried a food allergy panel or elimination test?
Omega 3 including fish oil, has a beneficial effect on acne as it reduces production of sebum and inflammation.

As WalkingByFaith says, you may be having an allergic rection to the gel coating of the capsules. Some people choose to take liquid fish oil for that reason.
My skin has also improved on OMS. Have you taken any medicines? I had awful acne that took months and months to clear after I had steroids (although it was a small price to pay for the positive effects).
I have had acne all my life. Starting OMS has made no difference whatsoever - although I have never tried gluten free. Basically mine has been managed well by drugs - Dianette, Yasmin and, lately, Roaccutane. If left to its own devices, my face looks like a dish of pink porridge!
Good luck, it's a rubbish condition and I hope you find a solution soon.
I wonder if your body is cleaning out the rubbish now you are on such a great eating program. You have only been on OMS for 4 months so it is very early days.
Dx 1992 OMS 25-2-09
I had severe acne for the first two months on the diet. Not much acne before that. It went away about two weeks ago overnight. I attributed it to my body purging all the junk out of my system because of the total overhaul of the diet.

I was a bit of an embarrassment regarding my diet before OMS though. I'm actually shocked I didn't have more consequences of switching my diet so drastically overnight.

I also think that acne can be attributed to stress (diagnosis) as well. This probably has more to do with it than fish oil.

http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and- ... s-and-acne

Take Care,

Thanks for all of your replies!

I hope it is just from my body detoxing from my old diet.... on another note I went to a health food store and spoke to their skin specialist who recommended a product that I used last night and saw a improvment this morning :) :D
Reading through similar posts today as trying to find some clues.
I have been doing / or trying to do OMS for exactly two months. Couple of weeks ago some acne appeared on my lower face, especially chin. It is quite visible today and people started commenting. I had almost perfect skin before changing my diet... some pimples every now and then on neck or random spots, but other then that no problems at all. My skin was always quite oily though and that has changed a lot since OMS. It is not dry but def not as shiny as i used to be :)
I thought I would eliminate few things for couple of weeks, especially walnuts which I am eating every day and I used to only have it very rarely before, soya - I never ate it until now so that might be another thing causing the bad skin, or ...it also might be flax or fish oil. But then... i have been eating it for two months now so wold not the reaction appear earlier?
Re stress, I have not really had lot of stress after dx at all (strange i know).

Reading about others having skin improved after some time looks positive, but at the moment I am getting little worried.

I have recently come off the pill, which I have always used to control my acne. I was a bit nervous, and rightly so as my skin has been terrible. I eventually narrowed it down to vitamin B12 supplements. I stopped taking them for a month and noticed a big change. I requested vitamin B12 injections from my GP so now I get enough B12 and very little acne! I have ended up buying some natural acne skincare too (Salcura) which has been a god send.
Good luck getting rid - I know how it makes you feel :(
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