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Part of the OMS diet suggests a diet of seafood. As much as I love shrimp, lobster, clams, ect., I've had to stop eating any marine food sources from the Pacific Ocean, due to radioactive isotopes entering the food chain from Fukushima. I do not consider this a scare story, but the stark reality of our unwise decisions to use radioactive elements not only as a source for fueling electrical power plants, but as a source for weapons for mass destruction .

Bioaccumulation of radionucleides in the seafood you eat, it will not necessarily kill you overnight, it may take decades for the cancers to develop, the heart and thyroid problems, ect. And it could not be helpful for anyone with MS such as yours truly. Fortunately we still have the Atlantic Ocean which has not had any meltdowns of nuclear power plants on the scale of Fukushima, so I have been very selective on buying seafood to make sure it is from the Atlantic or Mediterranean Sea.

I strongly urge readers to listen to Dr. Helen Caldicott's lectures about this subject if you haven't been informed already.
Yes! I think we need to be really discerning as to the seafood we eat.

Check out what one of the main salmon suppliers feed their farmed fish:

http://www.tassal.com.au/wp-content/upl ... heet-1.pdf

Animal feed!! Vegetable oil! No thanks.
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