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I'm new around these parts and I couldn't find any info on using low fat coconut milk in my fish chowders.

Could someone please answer this for me, and also, what should I use in place of coconut milk?

Thanks a bunch,
I go with potatoes, white wine, and good home made fish or vegetable stock. The flavor is provided by the wine and stock, and the potato provides the mouth feel and added depth to the pot.

Here's a recipe I've used http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-creamy- ... der-182350
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Not tried it myself but a lot of people recommend dairy free milk of your choice with some coconut essence to get the flavour.

Yes no to all coconut milk due to sat fat.
I have used essence and that is fine but don't overdo it or it will be too strong.

Farrier's suggestion is good too just add a couple of drops to that if you want the coconut flavour.
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Thanks everybody,
I'll try to make chowder minus coconut milk.
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