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Having just watched a couple of Michael Greger videos about the efficacy of fish oil for the health of the cardiovascular system I understand that research shows that fish oil is not protective and can make the condition worse! Eskimo societies were once thought to be relatively free of heart problems because of their mainly fish diet. This Much repeated fallacy is now shown to be untrue and based on past research which was disproved some time ago:

http://nutritionfacts.org/video/omega-3 ... 7-23483177


http://nutritionfacts.org/video/is-fish ... snake-oil/

I would welcome any comments from George or others about this.
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I thought there had been recent recognition you could by pass the fish oil and go straight to flax oil.
Yes they did update the recommendation to just go straight to using flaxseed oil and not fish oil
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I never bothered with fish oil... I use flax seeds and chia seeds (and sometimes oil) as my main Omega 3 sources. For an unknown reason I always had a gut feeling that there was something fishy about fish oil ;)
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