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Have been following this diet for 2-3 weeks now and am finding it quite easy to be fair.... But still uncertain on what I can have.
I have always liked to have tinned mackerel or sardines with a bowl full of salad. I have stacked in the pantry tins of mackerel in a nice chilli dressing. Looking on the nutrition table it says;
Fat 27g
Of which saturates - 8g
Polyunsaturated - 8.6g
Of which omega 3 - 6.2g

I gather eating anything which states 8g of saturated fats in it is not a good thing.

Can someone give the definite Yes or No on this.


Oily fish, like mackerel, do have more saturated fat than, say, cod (around 1g of sat fat per 100g). But oily fish is very good for us, particularly smaller fish like mackerel. This is why fish and seafood is to be enjoyed 'in moderation'.

So, on a day when you are having mackerel for one meal, you might need to balance this out with a much lower fat, plant based meal to keep your sat fat down.

Salmon is also classed as an oily fish, but has less sat fat (3.1g per 100g).

Check what else is in your tinned mackerel. Mackerel in itself is around 7g sat fat per 100g, but if it is tinned in a sauce of some kind, that may push up the sat-fat content.

Hope this helps.
Also depends on the oil the mackeral has been tinned with. You can get brine tinned mackeral, the best, least best is sunflorwer oil.
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