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Hello everyone,

I decided to go just whole food plant-based earlier this year i.e. no fish. I eat/take 30-45mls flaxseed oil daily. I am reading the new book and have just got through the eating well section. Am I cutting out a critical part of the recovery programme by not eating fish? I am doing everything else.

Thanks, Karin
I'm interested in this too. I've pretty much done the same. :)
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Hello Ladybug!

So suggestions from other OMSers (via FB) include: taking more flaxseed oil (omega 3 - ALA), up around 50mls per day, and looking at taking algae oil. Fish has different omega 3s (DHA and EPA) it gets from eating algae...so kind of by-pass the fish take algae oil. Also, if you are doing well with what you are doing carry on.

So I have refined my question: DHA and EPA or ALA? Or should we be getting all types of omega 3s from fish/algae and flaxseed oil? And, is there something else in fish that helps people with MS?

Cheers, Karin
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