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I have been following the diet for about 5 weeks now and think I'm doing OK but fish is a stumbling block for me. I have been a vegetarian for 26 years and since starting the OMS program have been trying to reintroduce fish once a week at the moment. I find the taste and texture a bit off putting though and struggle to finish a meal. Does anyone have any recommendations for things that I could try?

Alternatively, can you successfully follow the program as a vegan? Could I increase my flax oil supplementation to compensate?

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you.
What type of fish are you eating and how are you cooking it?

I find that Trout, (which I catch), are fresh and wonderful, but if you are having a trouble with texture, you might try white fleshed fish, cod, hake, haddock, swordfish, or red meat tuna and the like.

Thicker meat has a differnt texture, to thinner fish.

You can eat the diet as a vegan, but if you can find fish that you like, I think it's better than not.
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If you are concerned about taking enough Omega 3s then oily fish is what you want. Yes - what fish have you cooked and how? I love salmon but for me there is a fine line between delicious and overcooked. When I manage to get it just nice soft moist and easily flaked to chunks or small pieces I love it. Otherwise not so much.
If you can't stomach any oily fish then yes perhaps up your flaxseed oil intake.

I agree with Farrier re: if you can find a fish that you like is better then to not have any but there is lots of vegans following OMS diet.
Yes you can pretty much successfully follow the diet as a vegan - OMS is practically almost the same only much healthier :)

Good luck.
Hi, and thanks for the advice. So far I've tried crab linguine, cod (oven baked), prawn paella, tinned mackerel in a salad and crab and crayfish sushi (not raw). I find I can eat a small amount but then it starts to turn my stomach. I think it's a mental thing from not having eaten meat/fish for so long but I will persevere. I'm going to get some salmon fillets to have this weekend, any recommendations on how to cook it best?

Many thanks
I don't eat much fish either. In Australia is very difficult to get wildcaught fresh salmon. The famed salmon has the wrong balance of omega 3:6 so i avoid that. Even though i love it. :/

I've been told that it may be beneficial to have stock made with fish bones, for the gut microbiome. So I'm going to see if i can do that.

Prawns i can eat though. Those are yummy.
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you can pretty much successfully follow the diet as a vegan - OMS is practically almost the same only much healthier

... I assumed fish was only in the diet for Omega 3 reasons? So could a vegan just up their flax intake instead? Just wondering.
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