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Hello everyone

I have a new found love of wild caught sardines. I will happily eat a can with a spoon (thank you brunswick brand). How many cans can we have a day ? I am aware the sat fat is about the 1.7g mark, so i dont want to over do it. Can i eat this everyday as opposed to 5 days a week?

I am determined to get better. 3 months ago i was told i am SPMS, after being treated for suspected chronic Guillaine-Barre Syndrome, my ms symptoms disappeared- proving the doctors wrong.

I have 6 months sick leave to focus on settling into this lifestyle .

Also, how much sat fat do you dedicate to nuts/seeds? I am aware theyre important part of this.

I eat 1/8 - 1/4 avocado every do often, olive oil not too often and i juice anything healthy.

I have 50ml flax oil a day ***
Mezzy wrote: I have 50ml flax oil a day ***.

That sounds like a good amount.
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