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Hi , I've googled and read posts but I really can't figure out how many to take . Mine are holland &barret 1000mg with 300mg active EPA/dha
Three caps = 540 EPA and 380 DHA
How many should I take to get 20g per day ?
Sorry if has been covered already. Thanks
If you're in the UK, I'd get flax seed oil by the bottle from flaxfarm.co.uk. Flax seed oil is now recommended over fish oil.

If I'm travelling I take six flax seed oil capsules, but I'm not really happy with this and just do it short term for convenience.
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Oh I thought fish oil was advocated for 8/9 moths , stepping down and replaced by flax oil as you step fish oil down .
In NI so could get that flax oil you mentioned.
This recommendation has changed in past couple of years and apparently it is OK to start with FLAX right away.

I too had Holland and B capsules and took 20 per day at the beginning. But only for a short while then I just took few a day and took rest in Flex oil.
Cool flax oil it is , how much on liquid form . read 40/50 ml is a good amount ?
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